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The Aristotle: a high school philosophy essay contest

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British Society for the History of Philosophy

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The Review of Metaphysics Dissertation Essay Competition

ethics Essay Contest TWI's annual high school ethics essay contest is a fantastic means for encouraging critical thinking and ethical reasoning, and for generating thoughtful classroom discussion about each individual’s ethical responsibilities for the choices they make.

The Philosophy Essay Prize is open to Year 12 or Lower 6th students. The aim of the Prize is to encourage able sixth formers to pursue their interest in Philosophy, with the hope that they will be encouraged to read this or related subjects at University.

The competition has closed. Apr 10,  · The philosophy journal Mind, which was established in and has long served as a prominent venue for analytic philosophy, and which recently broadened its scope to include a greater variety of philosophy, has established a new essay competition.

Philosophy Essay Prize. The winner of the Prize will receive £2, with his or her essay being published in Philosophy and identified as the essay prize winner. The New Philosopher Writers' Award is open for submissions (note that you must be a subscriber to New Philosopher or Womankind magazine to enter, you can subscribe to New Philosopher here or to Womankind here).

Submissions for each award must be based around the theme for that award.

Philosophy essay competition
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